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Adrienne:  You have written three Fantasy Books – Ephmerine Tree, Kadamba of Gentle Humilaith and Sryd of Werth, Books 1 – 3 in what you call the “Cosmic Library Series.”  Could you tell us more about the three books and what makes your series unique?

Mirti:  All three are fantasy books that take place within a certain Cosmic Structure.  Bits and pieces of the Cosmos are revealed in each subsequent book, and here and there information is given about the workings of this Cosmos.  Unlike most fantasy books the emphasis in my stories is on the light side.  The dark side exists, but it is not explored in depth.  There is also a strong romantic slant in the books – the third book, Sryd of Werth, is probably the most romantic.  That is natural as it takes place in the watery domain, and water is a very emotional element.

Adrienne:  Do the three books form a trilogy?

Mirti:  I did not intend for it to be a trilogy.  The books just naturally developed – as soon as I had one finished, another manifested in my mind.  I may still add more books to the series, though I have also begun a second series now, called “The Cosmic Games Series.”  I also have great ideas for a “Cosmic Romance Series.”

Adrienne:  Do your stories take place on the earth with supernatural characters added to it, or have you created an entire fantasy planet?

Mirti:  The stories never take place in just one planet or one place.  The stories are all written at a pleasurable fast-pace, though not too fast, and often jump from one time vector or dimension to another.  Earth does feature in there somewhere.

Adrienne:  Are they just fun adventure stories then, or is there any deeper meaning to them?

Mirti:  They are both fun and full of deep philosophical meaning.  They are based on New Age, New Thought, Quantum Physics and Environmentalist ideas, but without being preachy or judgmental.

Adrienne:  Tell us more about your characters.  Are your lead characters male or female?  What ages are they?  What type of people are they?

Mirti:  The first and third books have female characters in the lead, and the second book’s main character is male.  I call the “people” in my books “beings” as they are not all people, sometimes they are mixtures of humans and animals, or a host of other possibilities.  Most of the characters are joyful, spiritually-inclined and very mindful, though they have issues and struggles to deal with also.

The characters are all young – ranging between 12 to 27 years of age.  The books are for all ages though, as we are all young at heart.

Adrienne:  I notice in your book that you don’t use the term “animal” or “human.”  You use “animalinne” and “hominidial.”  Why is that?

Mirti:  The animals are sentient beings, and “animal” sounds too mundane and gross.  “Animalinne” sounds more elegant.  “Human” is too reminiscent of those beings found specifically on the earth planet, and “hominid” or “humanoid” have some robotic overtones.  I prefer “hominidial.”  I make up some words for my stories, but keep a careful balance.  Too many unfamiliar invented words can distract from the reading pleasure.

Adrienne:  What were some of the main challenges you experienced when writing these stories?

Mirti:  I realised that some experiences from higher dimensions just cannot be translated into words here.  Our language is a linear, time-specific one.  The mere fact that we have three basic tenses, and that our world and languages here are pretty much based on duality (hot/cold, good/evil), really does place some limit as to how much one can express in a book about higher dimensional worlds.

Adrienne:  What is the expected release date for the three books?  In which formats will they be available?

Mirti:  Ephemerine Tree will be in ebook as well as audiobook format.  In fact, as soon as the audio is ready, everything will be released.  It is being professionally recorded by Red Planet Audiobooks.  The other two will first be in ebook format only.  I will consider print format too in future.  It should all happen somewhere in August 2012.

Adrienne:  Do you have an email address where readers can contact you?

Mirti:  Yes, I’d love to hear from readers.  The address is:

My other address, is reserved for book reviews that I do for other authors only.

Adrienne:  Thank you and good luck with your writing!


When the butterfly-winged light being, Rainyun, descends from the Ephemerine Realm into the Density Domain to assist in shifting a planet into a more positive probability vector in a higher dimension, the young teenural girl, Eda, is swept into a fast-paced adventurous quest that involves strange planets in the past, an anti-particle universe, her reciprocal twin, her higher Consciousness Field and especially, trees.  Join Eda as she discovers parts of herself in Realms, Domains, healing stations and flowers, whilst Rainyun guides her along, deftly dealing with motorbikes, duck pond portals, hotel bills, interplanetary travel, camping, an ancient yogi, canyons and supporting Matt in regaining his incarnational memory, all in her usual simultaneous multi-task style.

Can they plant the seed before the planet runs out of its potrilion resources?  Can the peace between the unitruvials and binurals be preserved?  What will the magnificent Ephemerine Tree look like and what changes will it initiate on planet Artea?

A fun-filled but thoughtful fantasy book, incorporating  New-Age, Law of One, Positive Thinking, Law of Attraction, Environmentalist, Hidden History and Quantum Physics ideas.