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“Where to get ebook covers?”  Type this question into the search box and a host of software advertisements appear, all promising that you can easily learn to make an ebook cover yourself.  Yes, of course you can, but if you are a writer and you are busy, you know, writing, it is just more time-effective to get someone else to do it.  Usually it looks much more professional too. You spent those hours, weeks, months, writing the book, and you want it to look great!


There are two options:

  1.  Get a professionally designed digital art cover.  Graphic artists design images from scratch, exclusively for you.  In my experience, prices start from minimum $600 for this.  Be ready to pay as much as $2000 or more.
  2. Use a digital image rendering designer instead.  They use photos and vector images purchased from standard stock photography sites, and usually they combine two or three images, add borders or other special effects, plus interesting text fonts.

For this option you can get an already pre-made cover, to which they will add your own title and details of course, for anywhere between $40 – $100. Sometimes on a sale you can get a cheaper cover, but in my experience anything below $40 is not such super quality.

If you order a custom design, expect to pay between $80 – $300.  Sometimes it depends on the cost of the source images they use.

Here is a list of ebook cover designers that follow this method:

Note:  I have, obviously, not ordered covers from all of them and cannot testify to their services, but these are the sites that display really classy covers.  Some sites cater for specific genres only, others for all.  (Got my covers for my new fantasy novels that will be released soon here)  (simple but cheap)  (You can get some stuff for the fantasy genre here, good quality) (stylish and elegant)