Fantasy stories are fictional stories that often include magical or supernatural phenomena. Fantasy Novels involve a variety of genres – Epic Fantasy, Comic Fantasy, Science Fantasy, Alternate History Fantasy and Dark Fantasy.

This Blog is not dedicated to any specific genre or just to fantasy, but is dedicated to the type of story that enlightens, inspires, is based on positive thinking and the laws of attraction, and that imbue the values of love, grace, trust, mindfulness, gratitude, accountability and joy.  There may be a huge amount of interpretations as to what those things mean, but basically we wish to make available information on stories that pursue inspiration and light-heartedness.

To have an attractive plot one may need a few villains or challenging situations, lessons to be learnt and obstacles to overcome, but those items should not be too scary or amplified to meet our criteria…

I started writing fantasy stories myself for my children when I browsed the web and realized most fantasy novels out there just tend to really lean into creating feelings of fear, anxiety and tension.  Now that is great for those who seek those emotions, but I wanted lovely, fun and beautiful stories to read to my children.  Since there seemed to be a bit of a shortage in that category, I decided to start adding to the list by writing myself.

Having always enjoyed composing stories, my short children’s stories paved the way for longer fictional novels that can be enjoyed by both the young and adults alike.  I also explore new frontiers of spirituality and science and interweave these themes into my books.  Bear in mind that the line between fantasy and reality is very thin indeed….in truth it probably does not exist at all.

I also decided to start a Blog, firstly for myself, for reference purposes, with information on the type of stories I was looking for.  I realized there may be others out there who feel a bit disappointed when they visit bookstores (and e-bookstores) as they seem to be filled with so many gloom, doom and darkness themes…

Welcome to the LIGHT WRITING blog.  A place for JOY and INSPIRATION.  A place for information and FUN FANTASY books.


Mirti Venyon Reiyas is one part of a larger Consciousness Being, and in her particular incarnation has manifested talents in teaching, writing and gardening.  Mirti chose an open-minded artistic family in South Africa to take birth in, and also obtained a degree in teaching in South Africa, at the University of Pretoria, with English Literature as one of her major subjects. Presently she co-exists with her husband, kids, pets, trees and a host of other beings in a peaceful place in the Earth domain.  She has travelled extensively in this domain, and lived in India for six years, in pursuit of mysticism, alternative healing, environmentalism, and a spiritual lifestyle. She has met with numerous probable selves, and writes stories whilst in connection with her Higher Inner Being and other selves.  Writing is her favourite way of co-creating with the universe.

Contact the author at: mvreiyas@gmail.com

For book review requests from other authors (I post to Amazon and Goodreads as well as my blog):



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