The Making of a Book Trailer

November 16, 2012 — 2 Comments

I finally got a book trailer too!  What’s the purpose of a book trailer?  They’re fun to watch, pretty much in fashion nowadays, and websites that display only book trailers are springing up – like this one:

How did I get mine?  Melody Simmons of, who designed my book covers, did it for me.  She asked me how much I would like to be involved – if I wanted to write the script, choose the images and video footage, or choose the music.  I did choose the music, a clip from an online stock site, but said I had no time for the rest.  She said in that case she would have to read my book in order to make the trailer for me.

About a week later she sent me a list of possible lines to use to make the trailer – short sentences that would capture the essence of the book and entice readers.  I made some alterations and corrections.  We had twenty-three lines in total, but in the end we selected only fifteen, and of those she still dropped four as the trailer was becoming too long.  I wanted each line to be displayed slowly and clearly as nothing annoys me more than a trailer that goes so fast that I can hardly see the words.

After just two more days she sent me the file – in MPEG-4 format, for upload to Youtube – which I just did.  You can view it here below.

You might wonder how much it all cost.  We used mostly Medium-sized stock images and Medium-sized (Standard Definition) video clips.  All 10 images, 2 video clips and one music track cost me $150.  I Paid Melody’s fee which was $300.  She did read the whole book and spend several days on this!  And here you go – my trailer for $450.  It’s about two minutes long.  I know – many trailers are just 30 seconds or 1 minute, but I wanted the mood to be a bit slow and meditative.

I must say the image quality seems to have decreased after uploading to Youtube…the original is clearer.  The other thing is I did not use large images or high definition (HD) video…if you use that, the footage cost will triple.

What do you think?  Comments welcome!


2 responses to The Making of a Book Trailer


    This trailer is of exquisite beauty, so is the essence of the 3rd book being portrayed here. Even though I’ve only read her 1st and 3rd books – they also are complete stories on their own – my everyday life experience as well as my living space seem to have been enhanced by the experience of reading these books, I dare say, a first ever such gratifying reading experience for me.
    These books are fun-filled, packed with healthy magical qualities, full of very intelligent humour though deeply thought provoking, and thus this trailer fully captures the believable realities being portrayed in these books. Even though the series of books may’ve been written for the younger generation, I would recommend it for readers of all age groups.
    With wishing that we could also start working towards transforming our planet to look and function in the ways portrayed in this trailer and these books, I give both thumbs up for this trailer, thank you Mirti and Melody Simmons, this is REAL GOOD STUFF. With heart-felt love, Elan de Beer.

    Mirti Venyon Reiyas November 20, 2012 at 11:49 am

    Thank you for your kind words, Elan – it is so much appreciated!

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