New Review of Ephemerine Tree!

October 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

Ephemerine Tree on Amazon

As you may know my books are very different from mainstream popular ebooks, so it is always exciting and interesting to see what readers and reviewers think of them!  To me they feel a bit like meditational journeys or voyages into higher realms…Here is a new review I just received from Liz Winn over at her Young Adult Book Reviews site.  I am happy to see that she felt the appropriate age for this book is 16 – 18, as I intended for the book to be for audiences around 17 and up, including adults who like a light afternoon read.  I am also appreciative that she found my created universe to be a “believable universe” as this is such an important aspect in fantasy – to be able to create a credible world and characters.  I am also pleased that she correctly assessed that this book is not for a wide audience, but for those with spiritual interests.  I think Lizz Win is an excellent and perceptive reviewer, even if she didn’t give me five stars!  Thank you, Liz!

Please click here to read her review!


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