“Ah, I thought. That explains it. The Cosmic Library series is one that keeps the conflict on a juvenile reader’s level while exploring interesting ideas. There are no cars and trucks exploding, nor people massacring their families and then setting themselves on fire. The series shuns violence, and instead choses to focus on the importance of choosing the path of positive thinking over that of negative (if you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you’ll know what I’m talking about)…”

Read the full latest review of Kadamba of Gentle Humilaith, second in the Cosmic Library Series by Mirti Venyon Reiyas, on Liz Winn’s Young Adult Book Review site:




The Making of a Book Trailer

November 16, 2012 — 2 Comments

I finally got a book trailer too!  What’s the purpose of a book trailer?  They’re fun to watch, pretty much in fashion nowadays, and websites that display only book trailers are springing up – like this one:  http://www.book-trailers.net/

How did I get mine?  Melody Simmons of ebookindiecovers.com, who designed my book covers, did it for me.  She asked me how much I would like to be involved – if I wanted to write the script, choose the images and video footage, or choose the music.  I did choose the music, a clip from an online stock site, but said I had no time for the rest.  She said in that case she would have to read my book in order to make the trailer for me.

About a week later she sent me a list of possible lines to use to make the trailer – short sentences that would capture the essence of the book and entice readers.  I made some alterations and corrections.  We had twenty-three lines in total, but in the end we selected only fifteen, and of those she still dropped four as the trailer was becoming too long.  I wanted each line to be displayed slowly and clearly as nothing annoys me more than a trailer that goes so fast that I can hardly see the words.

After just two more days she sent me the file – in MPEG-4 format, for upload to Youtube – which I just did.  You can view it here below.

You might wonder how much it all cost.  We used mostly Medium-sized stock images and Medium-sized (Standard Definition) video clips.  All 10 images, 2 video clips and one music track cost me $150.  I Paid Melody’s fee which was $300.  She did read the whole book and spend several days on this!  And here you go – my trailer for $450.  It’s about two minutes long.  I know – many trailers are just 30 seconds or 1 minute, but I wanted the mood to be a bit slow and meditative.

I must say the image quality seems to have decreased after uploading to Youtube…the original is clearer.  The other thing is I did not use large images or high definition (HD) video…if you use that, the footage cost will triple.

What do you think?  Comments welcome!

Becca Chopra is an inspiring spiritual fiction author too – and I am honoured and happy to have a review from her!  Click on the image to go to her blog read her opinion of Ephemerine Tree, the first book in my Cosmic Library Series:

Image of "Becca Chopra"

Whilst over at her site you can also read about her inspiring Chakra Secrets and Chakra Diaries books…

Ephemerine Tree on Amazon

As you may know my books are very different from mainstream popular ebooks, so it is always exciting and interesting to see what readers and reviewers think of them!  To me they feel a bit like meditational journeys or voyages into higher realms…Here is a new review I just received from Liz Winn over at her Young Adult Book Reviews site.  I am happy to see that she felt the appropriate age for this book is 16 – 18, as I intended for the book to be for audiences around 17 and up, including adults who like a light afternoon read.  I am also appreciative that she found my created universe to be a “believable universe” as this is such an important aspect in fantasy – to be able to create a credible world and characters.  I am also pleased that she correctly assessed that this book is not for a wide audience, but for those with spiritual interests.  I think Lizz Win is an excellent and perceptive reviewer, even if she didn’t give me five stars!  Thank you, Liz!

Please click here to read her review!

Here’s an interesting series on eBook Covers over at Karensdifferentcorners.  Read about other authors’ covers, how they made or obtained them, and get lots of tips and contacts for cover art. You will also find out how my ebook covers were created!

Judging A Book By it’s Cover Part 3 Five More Covers.

Novels without Conflict?

September 12, 2012 — 10 Comments

It wasn’t until recently when someone pointed it out to me that I realised fully how different my novels were.  I always thought they were quite full of suspense, but a shocked reader informed me that she found the absence of the “normal elements of fiction” unpalatable – referring to the near-absence of a villain and conflict in my first novel, Ephemerine Tree.

I started thinking about it and comparing my novels to others in the top ebook lists.  It dawned on me that main characters in novels nowadays do not only have to go through growth and transformation, but also through intense conflict and severe trauma, and especially violent trauma.  They have to wake up in a pool of blood without any memory of what had happened to them, later to discover they are the victim of an ancient supernatural enemy, in order for a book to be popular.

Then I did a bit of research on the internet on conflict.  Here are some of the headings I found:

“No Conflict, No Fiction.”

“Writing Conflict – Understanding the most important part of fiction.”

“Without conflict there is no purpose to fiction.”

Ah, now I recalled how we were indoctrinated in school from a young age to believe there is a set of rules regarding literature that needs to be followed, and that it always involves conflict.

Who made the rule?  And who benefits from this rule being diligently followed?

It never ceases to amaze me how people desire to have peace on the planet, yet they WATCH and READ CONFLICT all the time!  How can we expect peace on the planet or in our own lives if we are constantly creating thoughts of conflict?

You may not immediately see the results of your thoughts – you may not read about a murder tonight and end up with a knife in your heart tomorrow.  Thoughts do not manifest that way.  They gradually accumulate and attract similar frequencies, and finally they may manifest in the distant future, perhaps only in a next life.   They may manifest in a similar but related form.  You may end up just cutting your finger instead.

The earth we live on now is the result of our past thoughts and the thoughts of our ancestors.  I will not say too much about thought manifestation here, but will include one quote from a New Age book just for those interested in this topic:

“Every time you think a thought, you are leaving a morphogenetic imprint within the frequency bands in which your consciousness was stationed.  You will run into that thought pattern, in combination with others from the collective consciousness, as a manifestation in physical reality.  Morphogenetic fields are the form-holding patterns through which matter forms and events manifest.  When a morphogenetic field is created, it begins to draw frequency patterns into itself, expanding, accreting, and “fleshing itself out into matter.”  Have you ever considered where thoughts go once your attention has left them?  Part of what appears to you as manifest reality now, from your D-4 station of attention, represents your thought-forms, and those of the collective masses, that were left behind as morphogenetic fields when your conscious focus of attention was stationed in the dimension below your present focus.”

–          Voyagers II, The Secrets of Amenti by Ashayana Deane

Enough said about thought creation.  Yes, my novels contain very little conflict, but there is some tension and definitely a change and growth in the main character(s).  My novels are supposed to be a part of positive co-creation.  I am not planning to change that.  There are already thousands of novels out there that cater for every type of adrenalin rush you may feel you need, my novels are an endeavour to write on a different frequency.  I am not saying better, just different.

“But how can one experience or know joy without experiencing sorrow?” you may ask. Well, you don’t need to be tortured in a pool of red stuff by unsightly dark beings in order to appreciate joy.  The energies on our planet are not balanced at the moment.  Think about it.  How many things can you do to your little finger to give it pain?  I can write a lengthy list:

Bang it in a door.

Bite it.

Hit it.

Put it under the car tyre.

Feed it to a vicious dog.

Slice it into pieces.

Burn it.

Prick it with a needle.

Tap the blood out of it.

Use a hammer to drive a nail through it.

Pour acid onto it…

I’m sure you can come up with more imaginative suggestions, especially if you are an author. How many pleasurable and loving things can you do to your little finger?

Lick it.

Kiss it.

Rub it.

Tickle it with a feather?

The negative suggestion list is far longer, isn’t it?  It’s also easier to think of gruesome ideas to add to that list.  Why?  Suffice to say there is an imbalance of energies on our planet, and more conflict-free, positive, inspiring (but not boring!) novels are welcome.

The last point is important too.  They should not be boring.  No moralistic sermons.  A challenge, isn’t it?  Can you create fun, interesting but light-hearted, positive fiction?  Do you think my novels are successful examples of this rare genre?

Mirti Venyon Reiyas

All three books in the adventurous metaphysical Cosmic Library Series are now available in paperback format from Amazon.com, just click on the image below to be redirected to their page.  To read a summary of each book, please go here.

Note:  Each book is a standalone book and the stories are NOT DIRECTLY related.  You can start with anyone in the series.  They are connected by a common cosmic structure and other elements, but the characters, setting and plot are completely different. Reading them in order may be more enjoyable…or not…let me know what you think!